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WINNER - SXSW - Special Jury Award for Excellence in Observational Cinema
WINNER - Independent Film Festival of Boston - Special Jury Award
WINNER - New Hampshire Film Festival - Audience Choice Award




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Critic's Pick - ‘Maineland’ Considers America With Help From Chinese Students
“Astute and absorbing … 'Maineland' takes up a large and complicated set of topics — the global economy, the shifting relations between East and West, the commodification of American education — and addresses them with understated delicacy … I'll keep my fingers crossed for a sequel.”

“A quiet marvel of a documentary...”

“For an impressive durational approach spanning several years and continents; for its subtly emotive and expressive cinematography; and for engaging the contemporary world on a molecular level, refusing to generalize or make overly representational individual experience.”

“Breezy, beautiful”

Miao Wang’s ‘Maineland’ Documentary Brings Cultural Perspective
“By opening up your mind to the customs of other countries through experience versus through hearsay, an internal transformation occurs. Wang has captured this transformation in Maineland as we see how friendship, fun, and self-discovery are things that most humans desire—whether they know it or not.”

“Visual marvel... marvel of deft observational filmmaking, revealing perceptive truths about what unites and divides us as a species, and how cross-cultural exchanges are a benefit to all.”

“Strong movie...beautifully shot. If you give this film the chance it deserves, you will get everything you want out of it.”

Austin Chronicle - Review
“Aside from a fascinating glimpse into the lives of an expanding population of immigrant students, Maineland serves to remind audiences of the power, and beauty, in diff Paste Magazine - Review
“Wang's film...quite easily lends itself to classic structures of narrative filmmaking by dint of its myriad layers and thematic complexity.”

Vanyaland - Review
“Required viewing... At times Miao Wang’s Maineland, with it’s lovely cinematography and hushed narration, approaches the meditative tones of Terrence Malick’s recent works.... It’s striking in its lovely portrayal of the passing of time, and the changes that young folks go through...”

Hollywood Reporter - Review
“Wang’s verite approach attempts to strike a tone somewhere between revealing and contemplative...”

Film Festival Today - Review
“Over the course of a brisk 90 minutes, Wang weaves a fascinating tale – devoid of traditional documentary talking-head interviews – that profiles the intellectual and social development of two smart and determined individuals.”

Moveable Fest - Review / Interview
“The filmmaker wades into a fascinating story regarding legacy in modern China where a sense of familial obligation is being reshaped by globalization where children feel more free to determine their own fate.”

Tiny Mix Tapes - Review
“Maineland reveals itself to be not only a portrait of these children of the elite — and probable future leaders of the free world — but of the complexities of adolescence itself.”

International Examiner - Review
A gripping tale about two international students from China – Equal parts coming-of-age story and cross-cultural discourse, Wang’s film is an intimate portrait of how globalization affects everyday life.”

The Daily Dot - 7 SXSW films you need to watch
The film is a genuine portrait of immigrant teens adjusting to the U.S., as well as the expectations and realities projected upon them by both Americans and their own family members. Director Miao Wang’s vision shows just how different the two cultures are, and the difficulties that come with attempting the bridge them.”

Austin Monthly - SXSW 2017: 14 DOCUMENTARIES NOT TO MISS

FF2 Media - SXSW highlights outstanding female filmmakers
From the interview and application process to their graduation day, Wang gives viewers insight and broadens our own cultural perceptions as we grow to know these young students.”

We Are Moving Stories - Interview

Sixth Tone - Interview
In 'Maineland,' Chinese High School Kids Live the American Dream

Women and Hollywood - Interview
SXSW 2017 Women Directors: Meet Miao Wang — “Maineland”

ReelScreen - Interview
SXSW ’17: Miao Wang tackles distorted perceptions in “Maineland”

eFilmCritic - Interview
SxSW 2017 Interview: MAINELAND director Miao Wang

nsavides Podcast - Interview
SXSW 2017 Po dcast Coverage


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